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Liberty Resourcing is proud to hold premium accounts with all the UK’s leading recruitment boards, in addition to solid partnerships with many notable recruitment boards worldwide. We literally have access to millions of candidates and are highly skilled in resourcing and finding a perfect match for your organisation. Every company is different, please do speak to us about how we can tailor our services including testing to your requirements. The art of resourcing is to understand your client, the people who already work there and who will fit in even they have the appropriate skills.

Our talent pool contains over one million high calibre individuals, and with such a diversity of talent, we can tailor the right applicant to the right role.

We have a proven track record in providing the highest calibre of candidates to businesses across a vast range of different industries.

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Kickstart Scheme

The Kickstart scheme is now open. If you have fewer than 30 Kickstart roles, you'll need to apply via an official, DWP recognised Gateway (that's us at Liberty Resourcing!). We will handle all aspects of your Kickstart application at no cost to your business.

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