Privacy Policy

On 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation commences. This is an EU-wide regulation to protect individuals’ data.
Due to that, there will be some changes to our data policy.

    The reason for processing data

We are a recruitment agency; that means we need your data in order to see if you are suitable for vacancies we are recruiting for. This is also beneficial for you. We are able to find a great job for you because of the information you provide about yourself.
The legal basis under which data is processed
Thanks to GDPR your data will be more protected than ever.
Under EU data protection law, there must be a lawful basis for all processing of personal data. That means we need your permission to process your data, i.e. contacting you, saving your data and sending it to our clients.
We are also only allowed to get in contact with you if you either ask us to get in contact (i.e. if you apply for one of the jobs we post online, email us asking for suitable vacancies, etc.) or if you make clear that you are actively looking for a position by uploading your CV on a job board or saying that you are open for opportunities (e.g. on LinkedIn). This means that recruiters are not allowed to randomly contact you or contact you again if you said that you don’t want to be contacted by them.
What information will be gathered?
We only collect the data that you provide, i.e. the data you put on your CV, and any additional data you send us.
Who will it be collected by?
When registering with us, every Resourcer and Recruiter at Liberty Resourcing will have access to your data.
If you apply for a position advertised by us, the Resourcer and Recruiter who works on this role collect the data and have access to it.

How will it be used?

We store your data provided in our system. If we have not been in contact with you for longer than 1 year, we must and will delete your data from our system. If you wish to stay in contact with us, please do re-register with us.
If you tell us that you would like to be considered for other positions other than the one you initially applied for/ we contacted you for, please do let us know. Otherwise we are not allowed
to contact you for other vacancies as soon as the position you initially applied for/ we contacted you for is filled/ put on hold.

    Who will it be shared with?

We will only share your data with our client who is looking to fill the position you have applied for/ we have contacted you for. Before sending your CV to our client, we are going to ask you for your permission. If you are happy to be put forward for the role, we will need your permission in written form. This can be via email or message.
What will the effect be on the individual?
The outcome of GDPR is very beneficial for you as an individual since companies cannot keep your data after 1 year of not being in contact with you and cannot forward it to third parties without your permission.
Rights and choices available to individuals
You have the choice to determine how you want to get contacted by us. That means you can decide whether you want to be contacted via phone, email or message.
You can request removal or correction of information/ details without explanation. This removal/ correction must take effect within one month of request.
You can request visibility of the information we have on you free of charge. This information must be provided within one month.